Balance between aesthetics and science

With AESTHETIC SCIENCE, we aim to use knowledge, research and scientific innovation to create quality products designed to work and release the maximum potential of the ingredients contained. Efficient products and studied methodologies which encourage everyone to take care of themselves, obtaining demonstrated and measurable results.


Understanding not only issues regarding aesthetics and the products, but also even more important aspects relating to economic, social and psychological factors, is fundamental for creating a functional programme that involves you and all of your clients.

understand the problem
– diagnose it correctly
– recognise it
– understand the original causes
– know the possible cures
– savings
know the product
– composition, active ingredients and their properties
– effectiveness (test the product on ourselves)
– the results which can be obtained
– methods of application and combination with technologies already available in the salon
– the possibility to use the treatment together with others
understand well-being
– social (physical) well-being
– psychological well-being
– economic well-being (savings and profitability)

Effective products

Quality products, scientifically designed to work and release the maximum potential of the ingredients contained.
For us, quality means creating the best products, paying particular attention to the choice of ingredients in order to guarantee not only results but also the safety of our clients.

We like creating products
– that work
– that are quick and easy to use
– that are ready to use
– that are easily combined with other treatments available in the salon
– that are hygienic and disposable
– that are clean and practical
– that are easily used with equipment
– that have personalised programmes
– that are efficient and profitable

Studied methodologies

Because the product is important for us, but by itself, it is not enough.
This is why we are permanently committed to the study of practical and rapid procedures for the treatment of skin imperfections.
Products and procedures have allowed us to obtain programmes which guarantee visible results from the first application.

Simple and effective procedures
1. specific for each person
2. aimed at resolving the problem
3. easily combined with various equipment

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