230 – Advanced anti-age cream

Epidermal growth factor

Specific anti-age face cream rich in active ingredients studied to reduce wrinkles that appear by natural ageing process and lack of moisture. Their properties help to contrast causes of ageing and support skin cells regeneration and stimulation of new collagen and elastin.

Phytosan (Soy Isoflavones) – efficient in case of cellular damage produced by radiations from the sun, dermal repair agent.
Crocus Chrisanthus (E.F.G. – Epidermal Growth Factor) – stimulate natural growth factors of the skin, rejuvenate skin texture, reverse ageing process, renews skin resilience and firmness, boosts production of collagen and elastin.

Pot of 50 ml

Focus On

  • » Rejuvenation
  • » Restructure and repair
  • » Slow-down ageing

Ideal for

  • » Prominent and mimic wrinkles
  • » Slowed cell renewal
  • » Skin ageing
  • » Loss of compactness
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