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Brushing simulates microcirculation, nerve endings and lymphatic system.
This is a very old technique… few minutes a day to provide you big results, health and a
good wellness!
Draining, energizing or relaxing effect: it depends on the way you use it.

How to use:
– draining effect: brush by soft and slow movements in order to stimulate lymphatic
– refreshing and energizing effect: brush by soft and fast movements in order to
stimulate metabolism
– decontracturing effect: brush by deep and slow movements on the muscles to relax
muscles and give benefits to the joints

LEG: brush starting from the right foot till the groin area, then brush the left leg
ABDOMEN: brush by clockwise circular movements, from the top to bottom
ARMS: brush from the hand right to the shoulder and then brush the left arm
BACK: brush from the vertebral column outwards

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