Cel term

Cosmetic treatment against cellulite

It stimulates metabolic exchanges and oxygen consumption in the fat tissues; it contrasts the stagnation of liquids and toxins, main cause of the cellulite process.

Caffeine – Optimal against cellulite, it helps to drain, detoxify and increase the metabolic consumption reducing liquid retention.
Centella asiatica – It smoothes and improves skin elasticity. It stimulates fibroblasts and thus the production of new collagen. Vasoprotective function. It gives relief to swollen legs and promotes drainage.
Fucus vesiculosus extract – With its depurative properties, it removes waste and toxins
from the body and stimulates fat metabolism. The presence of “iodine” helps to destroy hypodermic fat deposits.

Treatment with hyperaemic effect.
Raise of local temperature, skin redness, vasodilatation of capillaries.

2 bandages – 250 ml/each
10 cm x 10 m in extension (46% viscose – 54% polyamide)
Packaging: box 4 treatments

Focus On

  • » Slimming
  • » Fat burning
  • » Better elasticity

Ideal for

  • » Excess Weight
  • » Adipose Cellulite
  • » Flaccidity

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