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Cellulite cosmetic cream

Soft massage cream particularly indicated for bodies with cellulite and/or fat pockets. Due to its formula enriched with plant extracts of ivy and marine oak (Fucus), it has an efficient action on all body parts with fat pockets and orange peel skin.

Ivy (hedera helix extract) – Plant specie with high cosmetic and dermofunctional properties. In particular the complex of saponins, of which it is composed gives this plant moisturizing, soothing and toning capacities. Ivy extracts are used in products for treatments against cellulite, tension and skin swelling.
Marine oak (fucus vesiculosus extract) – From this marine alga is extracted a phytocomplex of organic and inorganic elements composed by polysaccharides, proteins, carotenoids, minerals and iodine. These elements are recognized for their remarkable properties of fighting efficiently blemished skin caused by cellulite.

Professional use 500 ml

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