Crio tonic

Toning cosmetic treatment

It stimulates the production of new elastin and support fibers therefore making skin tissues more toned and firm.

Hyaluronic acid – It improves skin elasticity and moisturization.
Ginseng (extract) – Antistress and toning action. good stimulator of metabolism.
N.M.F. (natural moisturizing factor) – Mix of amino acids, minerals, and sugars, which have an intense moisturizing and toning action.

Cold treatment – Crio effect
Vasoconstriction of capillaries

2 bandages – 250 ml/each
10 cm x 10 m in extension (46% viscose – 54% polyamide)
Packaging: box 4 treatments

Focus On

  • » Tonifying
  • » Moisturizing

Ideal for

  • » Flaccidity
  • » Dehydration
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