Lift Plus

Restructuring cosmetic treatment

This Restructuring cosmetic treatment, because of the special seaweed properties that it contains, stimulates the fibroblasts activity while restoring the skin’s elasticity and tone.

Algae klamath – Thanks to its special AFA-ficocianin and carotenoids with elevated antioxidant protection, this microalgae can stimulate fibroblast’s activity, while regenerating and protecting skin from signs of aging.
Spiruline – Blue algae, rich in iodine, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which accelerate metabolic processes, stimulates fat burning and reactivates blood circulation avoiding problems associated with body water retention.
Carnosine – Peptide of synthetic origin which, by virtue of its natural antioxidant and anti-glycation properties is able to contrast natural skin aging processes by reducing oxidation reactions and preventing creation of collagen crosslinked fibers.

Athermic treatment

2 bandages – 250 ml/each
10 cm x 10 m in extension (46% viscose – 54% polyamide)
Packaging: box 4 treatments

Focus On

  • » Moisturing
  • » Antioxidant

Ideal for

  • » Blemishes
  • » Flaccidity
  • » Loss of tone

Kit Content

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