221 – Lifting & contouring mask

100% pure biocellulose fiber mask + complex E, quinoa and rejuline

High quality fiber biocellulose mask containing active principles with oxygenating and purifying action that contribute to cellular stimulation and improvement of regeneration processes for a fresh, clean and younger looking skin.

Organic biocellulose – the pure biocellulose fabric in this mask fits perfectly to the skin like a second skin. The tightly-woven fibers excel at transferring active ingredients allowing the skin to breathe and removing surface impurities.
Complex E – an ad-hoc formulation that contains different highly active ingredients that act as carriers and work in synergy to provide to skin an overwhelming detoxifying, calming, moisturizing and antioxidant action.
Quinoa – 100% natural tensor agent with an immediate film coat effect.
Rejuline (Acetyl decapeptide-3) – anti-wrinkle, skin firming ingredient.

Single use mask 20 ml

Focus On

  • » Lifting
  • » Compactness
  • » Tonification
  • » Anti-age

Ideal for

  • » Slowing down of cell renewal
  • » Premature aging
  • » Deeper lines and wrinkles
  • » Sagging facial contours
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