Purifiyng e regenerating cream

Brown algae elastin & vitamin mix

Specific moisturizing cream care with an extraordinary combination of marine algae agents that help the skin to prevent environmental damages caused by free radicals and premature aging processes. Its active principles work on the upper skin layers restoring skin firmness and levels of moisture. The face complexion regains fresh and youthful appearance.

The whole face project has been created following the principles of corneobiology. It Is based on four main skin characteristics that are to be preserved: hydratation, antioxidant activity, elasticity and permeability.

Sodium hyaluronate: high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, ensures powerful moisturizing and anti-aging surface action.
Brown algae elastin: brings energy to cells encouraging natural collagen and elastin production.
Magnesium & zink: magnesium and zinc support healthy skin immune system and boost cells metabolism.
Vitamin mix (Vit. C + A + E): mix of premium antioxidants able to suppress pigmentation, stimulate collagen synthesis, refine skin surface, protect skin from free radicals and act anti-wrinkle.

Pot of 50 ml

Focus On

  • » Detoxification
  • » Oxygenation
  • » Deep moisture

Ideal for

  • » Lack of moisture
  • » Fatigued
  • » Dull and stressed skin
  • » Sebaceous and comedonic skin
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