Slim cel

Slimming cosmetic treatment

It has a slimming effect because it stimulates the mechanism of scrapping the triglycerides which combined with the draining effect helps to shape the body.

Caffeine Optimal against cellulite, it helps to drain, detoxify and increase the metabolic consumption reducing liquid retention.
– Anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties. Its draining action improves blood circulation.
Guarana extract – It tonifies and promotes burning of triglycerides, optimal as antioxidant and antibacterial.

Athermic treatment
Treatment apt. in case of varicose veins and broken capillaries.

2 bandages – 250 ml/each
10 cm x 10 m in extension (46% viscose – 54% polyamide)
Packaging: box 4 treatment

Focus On

  • » Slimming
  • » Draining/ anti-inflammatory
  • » Moisturizing

Ideal for

  • » Excess Weight
  • » Oedematous cellulite
  • » Water retention

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