241 – Spot corrector & whitening mask

100% pure biocellulose fiber mask + complex E, ascorbyl glucoside and acetyl glycyl b-alanine

Specific spot corrector treatment in pure biocellulose mask that includes in its formulation whitening actives studied to reduce and eliminate cutaneous spots of melanin origin located at the epidermal level, returning the skin to its uniformed corresponding coloration.

Organic biocellulose: the pure biocellulose fabric in this mask fits perfectly to the skin like a second skin. The tightly-woven fibers excel at transferring active ingredients allowing the skin to breathe and removing surface impurities.
Complex E: an ad-hoc formulation that contains different highly active ingredients that act as carriers and work in synergy to provide to skin an overwhelming detoxifying, calming, moisturizing and antioxidant action.
Ascorbil glucoside: promotes collagen production, provides skin elasticity and firmness, stimulates skin immune system, suppress melanin production.
Acetyl glycil beta-alanine: advanced whitening peptide able to regenerate damaged skin tissues.

Single use mask 20 ml

Focus On

  • » Spot out
  • » whitening
  • » lightening.

Ideal for

  • » Hyperpigmentation
  • » Sun-damaged skin
  • » Age spots
  • » Uneven skin tone
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