Stretch marks

Restorative action cream

An intense treatment to stimulate cell regeneration and connective tissue restructuring in order to improve skin tone and texture. Perfect for stretch marks created by pregnancy, breast-feeding, obesity, dieting, growth spurts, sports, etc.

Vanistryl 5% – Innovative marine based ingredient able to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Contains a high number of active compounds that are designed to treat stretch marks already formed and prevent new ones from appearing.
Collagen 2% – Fibrous protein and one the main component of the dermis. Spread over the skin helps to achieve moisture and smoothness.
Organic Silicon 5% – Known as a beautifying mineral, it has a significant capacity to penetrate the skin, strengthen its connective tissues and restructuring the fibers of elastene and collagen.

Retail use – 200 ml

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